Proper Tree Placement 

Plant deciduous tree's to the South or West for Summer shade and in the winter you get heat from the sun when the leaves fall. These can lower your utilities by 10%-15%. 

  • Tree's can provide privacy and will shield your house from the wind. Plant evergreens in areas where you want privacy and protection. 

  • Under utility and power lines plant smaller dogwood tree's so they don't grow into the power lines. 

  • Tree's add curb appeal and mature tree's can increase property value up to 10%.

  • To attract more wildlife, “layer” plants that grow to different heights.

  • To control erosion on the edge of a stream, plant red osier dogwood, willows, Oregon ash and vine maple.

  • To attract hummingbirds, plant red flowering currant and orange honeysuckle. To help monarch butterfly's plant milkweed. Monarchs can not survive without milkweed. 

  • Most important, choose plants that fit your spot when full-grown. Pruning large plants to fit a small area is loads of work and could harm your plant’s health.