How to Build a Rain Garden


If you’re interested in how to build a rain garden, a step-by-step process can be easily learned by attending a rain garden workshop, studying the Washington State University Rain Garden Handbook for Homeowners (18MB PDF download) and viewing the “How to build a rain garden WSU” online video (below). You will learn rain garden design and construction basics like:

  • How to determine how much impervious surface you have, and how much of that water you want to manage.
  • How to decide where on the property you’d like to build your rain garden.
  • How to do a percolation test, to make sure the soils surrounding your rain garden plants can soak up the water.
  • How to decide how big of a rain garden to create in the space you have available.
  • How to implement rain garden construction next steps.
  • How to know what the best rain garden plants are.
  • How to maintain a rain garden.

You don’t have to be a gardener or an engineer to build a rain garden, but it is important to consider your site carefully before you get started.